AFC Urgent Care is a fast growing urgent care network in America, and we are always looking to add talented individuals to our team in Florham Park, NJ. Our team members possess a "can-do" attitude, and thrive on providing excellent customer care in a demanding, performance-driven, fast-paced environment. We value team work and maintain a collegial work environment. In running a highly efficient and customer-friendly practice, we deeply embrace technology in every aspect of our operations, and expect our team members to be proficient with computing systems. In short, we empower our staff to provide high-quality, affordable care to our customers, while setting new standards in the delivery of episodic care to the communities we serve.

If this describes an environment in which you can thrive and make a positive contribution, we encourage you to apply for a suitable opening listed below. If we find a match against our immediate needs, we will contact you soon. Otherwise, rest assured that your information will be held in our files for future reference.

Staff Physician (Part-time / Full-time)

We invite inquiries from qualified physicians that may be interested in exploring opportunities with us. We typically seek board-certified physicians in the EM, FP or IM disciplines, with demonstrated experience in emergent or urgent care settings. Proficiency in minor surgical procedures, laceration repair, splinting and performing x-ray and EKG reads is a must, along with ACLS certification. Experience with workman's compensation services, and occupational health services is a plus in terms of supporting our growing business with area employers. Please click here to initiate your application and submit your résumé for consideration.

Licensed Radiology Technician (Part-time / Full-time)

Our RTs spend a significant portion of their time managing the front desk, and interacting with patients in person and over the phone. So, effective communication skills, and a genuine interest in delivering a superb patient experience, is a must. To a lesser extent, the role encompasses clinical support in the form of triaging patients and performing simple lab/screening procedures.

Candidates must possess at least an Associate degree/diploma from an accredited institution, a current NJ license, and must be ARRT certified in radiography. Clinical background and experience must demonstrate proficiency in the use of CR/Digital radiography, EMRs and Windows-based computing systems. We will entertain applications from fresh graduates, but preference will be given to those with relevant experience and a demonstrated desire to advance professionally in a clinical or administrative capacity. Please click here to initiate your application and submit your résumé for consideration.

Certified Medical Assistant (Part-time / Full-time)

We seek certified MAs, preferably with 1-2 years of full-time MA experience, to support our physicians with patient evaluation and care, perform lab work and assist with the front desk as needed. Clinical training and experience must demonstrate proficiency in phlebotomy, administering injections, performing EKGs, lab procedures, and the use of EMRs and windows-based computing systems. DOT collector certification, experience with BAT, N95 fit testing and NIOSH certification are a plus. In instances where a candidate has demonstrated strong interpersonal and organizational skills, we will consider fresh graduates from reputable, accredited CMA programs. Please click here to initiate your application and submit your résumé for consideration.


Please note that our recruiting process works most effectively via electronic submissions made through this site. Attempting to contact us by email, phone, fax or other channels will likely misplace your application/CV and not give it the consideration that it deserves by those who make our hiring decisions.

Please note that this site is only meant for use by applicants. Any submission via this site will be treated as having been made directly by the applicant.