At AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park, our board-certified physicians are available to perform various types of physicals and tests (e.g. TB Test) that are required for a pre-op clearance, your employment, or for attending school, including DOT physicals for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), FAA Basic Med for pilots and Medical Surveillance Physicals.

We provide pre-op physicals on a walk-in basis, and in most cases can turn around the clearance within a day or two.

Many employers and some educational programs require a medical clearance as a condition to commencing employment or school, or on a periodic basis for continuity. Our physicians are able to perform all physicals, and provide any required tests on site. 

For those requiring TB clearance, we can perform 1-step or 2-step TB skin tests, and perform a chest x-ray if needed to rule out any active infection.  We also offer the more advanced Quantiferon Gold test if that is appropriate in your case.

Since requirements for medical clearance can vary, we prefer that you bring along with you all required clearance documents so we can assess what type of exam and testing needs to be performed.

DOT Physicals

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that anyone applying for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), must pass a prescribed physical exam a minimum of every two years.

Your DOT physical performed by AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park will include:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Urinalysis
  • Measurement of your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate
  • Review of your lung, vision and hearing function

To be well prepared for the exam, we encourage you to be well-hydrated and to avoid caffeine and tobacco products. If you pass the medical exam, you will leave with a certified copy of your DOT Medical Examination Report for presentation to NJDMV.

FAA Basic Med Physicals

We perform the FAA Basic Med physical for pilots on a walk-in basis. All that is needed is a valid U.S. Driver's license and an FAA Medical Certificate that was issued within the last 10 years. To be well prepared for the physical exam we encourage you to review and complete all necessary paperwork prior to your visit. In addition, we recommend that you be well hydrated and to avoid caffeine and tobacco products prior to your visit. Details regarding the FAA Basic Med are available at

Medical Surveillance Physicals & Tests

We work with employers to design and execute occupational medical surveillance programs, for example, OSHA-mandated physicals and testing, and NJ State Firefighter physicals.

If you are an employer, please click here for further information on the services we offer to employers, or contact us at 973-377-9366. We are committed to your employees' health and safety to keep them productively engaged.

At AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park, we accept most major insurances for medical treatment, but the types of physical exams described above are not considered a covered medical expense by insurers.  We offer discounted self-pay options for our services and for external lab testing. 

Please call us at 973-377-9366 if you have any questions.