It can be a taboo topic, but your sexual health is as important as any other aspect of your life. At AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park, we provide discreet and confidential STD testing at our walk-in clinic.

Sometimes, STDs don't cause any symptoms, so it's difficult to know when and if you need to be tested. Our physicians at AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park are sensitive to the anxiety often associated with such concerns and can provide appropriate counsel and the best treatment possible.

We make it easy for you to walk-in at your convenience 7 days a week, with our extended hours on weekdays, and receive confidential STD testing. All STD Testing is usually accomplished within the span of a single visit and we will contact you when your results ready.

At AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park, we accept most major insurances for medical treatment, and potential exposure to STDs is usually considered a reimbursable expense by most insurers. We also offer discounted self-pay options for your office visit and for lab testing if you are unable, or prefer not, to use medical insurance for STD Testing. Please call us at 973-377-9366 if you have any questions.