Workplace injuries are a critically important concern for all employers. Not only for the wellbeing of your employees, but also for the continued safe and productive operation of your business. While you can count on AFC Urgent Care to provide high-quality and compassionate medical care for your employees, we also understand the need to return your employee back to work as soon as practicable.

Our clinic is conveniently located and our goal is to set new standards of excellence in delivering medical care that gets employees back to productive status, while lowering your overall health care costs. Here’s how:

  • First, we will not treat an employee unless we have your authorization to do so. 
  • Our physicians assess the employee’s injury and provide initial treatment.
  • A written return-to-work (RTW) plan is developed at the end of the initial visit, which defines when an employee may return to work, whether with limited duties, or if they need to follow up with a specialist. The employee is provided a copy of this RTW plan, and we also send a copy to you, the employer.  If by then we have the contact information for the WC adjuster/case manager, we loop them into the dialog along with the encounter notes, or otherwise as soon as possible.
  • If a referral to a specialist is required, we instruct the employee to coordinate specialist appointments in conjunction with the WC insurance case manager, so that the treatment is managed cost-effectively with in-network specialists.
  • Any follow up visits by the employee to our center adhere to the same procedures, with the RTW plan being updated at the end of each visit, and everyone kept in the loop.

By strictly following these procedures, we ensure that we can deliver cost-effective treatment and get your employee back to productive status as soon as possible.  

At AFC Urgent Care - Florham Park, we work with the vast majority of New Jersey Workman’s Compensation insurers, large and small. If you are an employer that needs to send an injured employee for treatment, simply call us at 973-377-9366 and provide us your verbal authorization to initiate treatment for your employee.  Our immediate priority is to take care of your employee, and we allow the paperwork to follow if you have not yet had the opportunity to file a claim with your Workman’s Compensation insurer.

We have greatly simplified and streamlined the administrative procedures at our end. If you are an employer that experiences a relatively higher incidence of workplace injuries, please call us at 973-377-9366 to discuss how we are able to minimize your administrative burden related to managing workman’s compensation cases.